We at ApexTV are interested in all things mysterious. From time travel to the paranormal, our mission is to cover the topics mainstream media won’t.

Most media outlets are scared to interview any supposed time traveler in the fear it would make them look crazy.

Here at ApexTV, we aren’t scared to distribute unconventional stories.

We are best well known for our many interviews with people claiming to be time travelers from the future.

ApexTV was founded on November 17, 2014 with the creation of our YouTube channel.


Our mission, here at ApexTV, is to bring you the stories that no one else will. We try not to give our opinion on the stories we distribute, because we don’t want to influence youropinion. We simply bring the stories to you and let you decide. Far too many modern media outlets try to push their agenda on you. We take special pride in letting you decide.

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