Conscious Time Traveler Says Time Travel is Possible

Is time travel possible? We were recently sent a video from a man named Ethan Kahn who claims to know how time travel could work. While saying he hasn't physically time traveled, he claims to be a time traveler in the metaphysical sense.

Along with claiming to have time traveled consciously, Ethan also says he has spoken to university professors about his theories and they agree that they are actually plausible.

Here is the video that Ethan sent us and we uploaded on our YouTube channel:

And here's the transcript of what he said in the video:

“What's up again Apex? Just to let you viewers know ApexTV contacted me and told me that they wanted me to make videos explaining how time travel can work because I know how various dimensions are structured mathematically. Now before I get started on that let me make a disclaimer here. I'm not the actor that does Noah, okay? Noah's real skinny and well… I'm not. I ain't no twig. And rather than Noah and the other claimed time travelers on this channel, I don't claim to have time traveled physically. No, I've learned everything that I'm about to tell you through mystical experiences, which are basically just spiritual experiences. So I've time traveled consciously you could say but you can still observe other dimensions and the dynamics of time travel through that sort of time travel. But with that said, let me say this. I don't have any physical proof for what I'm about to say, and quite honestly neither do any of the other time travelers on this channel. I'm not gonna show you Photoshopped images of dinosaurs, or make fake predictions that are vague about a snowstorm coming in February of next year. No. I'm gonna lay it all down on the line right now. I'm gonna man up and say “I don't have any physical proof “for what I'm about to say.” I'm just here to explain how time travel could work. And to be quite honest most mainstream physicists agree with what I'm about to say. I've even spoken to professors in my physics department about this stuff. So let's get started. Time travel involves the fourth dimension. Now, the fourth dimension to us three-dimensional beings is time. Time for any dimensional being is just the dimension above the one that they're spatially in. So spatially we're in three dimensions. So time for us is four dimensions. So I want you to picture an infinite number of three dimensional universes stringed along a line. That line is the fourth dimension. To us three-dimensional beings that is our timeline. Now, each one of those three-dimensional universes stringed along it, those are all different time periods. They're different moments in time. Different nows in eternity. So, in order to time travel to these various past and future universes stringed along this line, which are just different past and future moments you have to be able to access the fourth dimension. In the fourth dimension, all of these past and future moments are not exclusive universes. It's only that way when you're a three-dimensional being. When you're in the fourth dimension, all of these past and future moments become merged into this one four-dimensional universe. So now, you just want to time travel to the future, you just move forward through four-dimensional space. You want to go backwards in time? Just move backwards through four-dimensional space. A four-dimensional being could accomplish what we call time travel simply by walking forwards or backwards. They walk forwards, they're traveling to future moments of our… excuse me of our three-dimensional universe. They walk backwards, they're traveling to past moments. So all these past and future moments just exists in the same space for a four-dimensional being. So time to them is not the fourth dimension. To them, the fourth dimension is just another spatial dimension. So basically what we experience as time, they just experience as another dimension of space. So how do you access the fourth dimension? Well that involves what are called gravitons. Now, in physics, gravitons are particles that create gravity. Now, nobody actually knows what gravitons are, or even if they exist but, I have a theory that I pitched to Professor Baer he's a physics professor in my university's physics department here at the University of Oklahoma in Norman. You can go look him up. I pitched this theory to him, and basically what gravitons are are just four-dimensional particles. And so… Every three-dimensional particle basically just spirals around these four-dimensional gravitons, and that's what creates time and gravity. So now, I'm not a super techy person. Like I said, I haven't time traveled physically, but if you could access these gravitons this would allow you to spin all the three-dimensional particles backwards, in which case you would be accessing time travel to the past, or accelerate them forwards into the future. But if you could access these gravitons, you would be accessing four-dimensional particles, and with that, you would be accessing four-dimensional space, and if you can access four-dimensional space as I've explained already, time travel would become as simple as space travel. So there you have it ApexTV. I can provide more videos like this. Hopefully that was simply enough to understand, and if it wasn't simple enough to understand don't write it off yet. You can go look this stuff up. Everything I've said is in line with physics, it just takes time to study. If you want to learn more stuff about the physical and logical implications of what reality is like, go ahead and subscribe to my channel, Everything Explained by Ethan Kahn. I'm Ethan Kahn. And so with that hopefully you enjoyed this video. Apex hopefully this is what you were looking for. Let me know if you need anything else. Have a nice day.”

What do you think about what Ethan said in the video? Is he a real conscious time traveler?

If you're interested in multiple dimensions, time travel, astrophysics, and how reality works, check out Ethan's personal YouTube channel here ►

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