Rapper Claims to Be From Another Universe

Rapper Claims to Be From Another Universe

We at ApexTV recently interviewed a rapper going by the name Lil Cory. We met up in Los Angeles, California to sit down with him as he told us his story. Along with claiming to be from another universe, he also said he is a god.

At first glance it might sound crazy, but a lot of people actually agree with what he's saying.

So we were first contacted by Lil Cory a few months back. He sent us an email saying that he had proof that the Mandela effect was real. We at ApexTV were obviously intrigued, so we setup a sit down interview with the rapper himself.

We first met him in one of our offices in downtown L.A. He came across as a very kind and genuine person who wanted to tell his story to the public.

We started from the beginning. Lil Cory said that he knows he saw the movie Shazam with one of his cousins back when he lived in the Midwest. If you know anything about the Mandela effect, you know that Shazam never actually existed, at least in this timeline.

A lot of commentors on our video interview with Lil Cory such as someone going by ‘Jim' said, “I know I saw the movie Shazam” and his comment got 178 likes.

If you haven't already seen our full interview with Lil Corey, check it out here:

His story is incredibly interesting and he talked about a lot of paranormal topics and after doing the interview he said it felt good to get it off his chest.

You might be wondering about his claim that he's a god from another universe. He backs up his claim by stating that he was sent to this universe to raise the vibrational frequency of the masses through his music.

What do you think? Do you think Lil Corey is actually a god from another universe?

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