Time Traveler From 6000 Reveals Picture From The Future

A supposed time traveler from 6000 says he brought back an actual photo from the future. He has claimed that the ability to time travel will be released to the public in 2028.

Is this man an actual time traveler from 6000?

We met up with the man in an undisclosed location when he told us his story. He told an amazing tale about what the future is going to be like and what we can expect.

The man wanted to keep his identity private, because he said he is at risk for telling the public about his story.

The man alleges that, in the 1990s, he was part of a top secret program. The program dealt with experimental technology in which test subjects were sent to the future.


This “time traveler” says he has been to the year 6000 and back.

According to the self proclaimed time traveler, the ability to teleport will have been invented by the year 6000.

Also, the unknown man tells that there will be cures for many diseases, and it would make life in 2018 seem primitive.

The anonymous time traveler says the time travel experiments started out on animals. At first it was unreliable, but eventually, it became perfected to a degree in which people could choose what exact year they wanted to travel to.

Also, apparently time travel is going to be released to the public in 2028. According to the man, anyone can time travel, granted they have enough money.

Here is the photo, this supposed time traveler claims is from the year 6000.


Halfway during the interview, the man reached into his pocket and pulled out a photograph. He said, “When I was in the year 6000, I managed to take a photograph of one of the major cities. Now I cannot say which city, as that would lead to an influential change in the future but I can show you the photograph.”

When we asked him why the photograph was so blurry, he said that it was distorted in the time travel process.

We then asked, “There’s going to be a lot of skeptics who don’t believe what you are saying. What do you say to them?”

He replied by saying, “It is not of my intention to deceive anybody, I simply want to spread a message of the future of humanity and where the world is headed.”

In the year 6000, the world is run by a super intelligent artificial intelligence. Humans no longer govern humans, because humans are too prone to mistakes.

“This artificial intelligence is far smarter than humans and it doesn’t make the same emotional kind of decisions that humans make, and when humans make emotional decisions, sometimes they make them for the right reasons but often times they make them for the wrong reasons.”

The time traveler explained that time travel was perfected on animals.

Near the end of our interview with the supposed time traveler from 6000, he began to talk about a friend and colleague who also went into the future with him.

His friend accidentally uploaded his brain to a virtual reality simulation and is now stuck in the year 6000.

While telling this part of his story, the man started to become emotional. Honestly, it appeared as if the man was displaying actual sadness, as he was crying real tears.

His plan is to wait until the year 2028, in which he can then time travel to the year 6000 and upload his brain to the digital reality, so once more, he can meet his friend.

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