Time Traveler Reveals Alleged Video From The Year 2045

Is time travel real? What will the year 2045 be like? According to an anonymous man we interviewed, he has the answers to these questions and more. We met up with the man in an undisclosed location as he told us his story.

Supposedly, the man is a scientist who worked on the time machines in the future.

“I am from the year 2045. I am a scientist and I worked on the machines that were developed to be released to the public and it is released to the public in the year 2028”

Will time travel technology actually be released to the public in just under 10 years? The only way to find out will be to wait and see.

According to the man, in the year 2045, humans and robots / AI are in the process of converging into one. The man says that this is not necessarily a bad thing, but he simply thinks people in the past should know.

Along with telling us his story, the man also showed us a supposed video from the future. Watch that video here:

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  1. why u people only contact time travellers other people did I not contact them it’s original or fake please tell to me otherwise I have no hope to contact my dad

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