Time Traveler Reveals Supposed Last President of The USA

Adam Archon claims to be a time traveler from the year 2045 and in the video below, which he sent to us via email, he tells his story and reveals what he claims to be the last formal president of the United States as well as dates of supposed significant future events.

Adam claims that Martin Luther King Jr.’s granddaughter will become the last president of the United States until artificial intelligence takes over.

Adam says that, in the year 2045, the entirety of North America is a single county and an advanced AI governs the country, taking humans out of the equation. He says the artificial intelligence does a better job at governing the country than any human could.

Speaking of humans, Adam does say that Yolanda Renee King will be the best human president the United States ever sees.

Here is his video that he sent us:

This is the video Adam sent us supposedly disclosing the last president of the USA

Also, if you prefer to read, here’s a written transcript of what Adam Archon told us in the video:

“Hello, my name is Adam Archon. Let me start with saying it is not only my objective to deceive anyone, I am simply going to tell you the truth and nothing but the truth. My only intent is to prove to you that time travel is not only real, but happening all around you. To tell you the truth, I, myself, am a time traveler. I have traveled back from early in the year 2045. First of all, time travel became possible in 1981, but was kept secret until the year 2028 when it is revealed to the public. I want to give to you specific facts about the future that will prove to you time travel exists, including who the last president of the United States is. You will see that my predictions are not only true, but you can come back to this video and know that time travel really does exist. In early 2019, there will be a worldwide rise in UFO sightings. In 2020, there will be a robot released to the public that causes a lot of controversy. In August of 2028, the existence of aliens is revealed to the public. I cannot say where they’re from, but it is not from space. In February of 2029, there is an implanted chip known as The One that lets people pay, expand their brain functions, and stay healthy. This will go in your right hand. In the early 2030s, all countries begin converging into one. There are seven world districts and 10 leaders that follow the commands of an artificial intelligence. The last formal president of the United States is Yolanda King. She’s the best president the United States has ever seen. There is a single digital currency used by the entire world. There is no cash in the future. In 2033, an AI know as The Light was released. It is in every electronic device and anyone can talk with it and it will answer any question. This AI puts the world into a state of peace and prosperity. In 2036, there are avatars that will allow you to occupy a robotic body with your mind and travel anywhere in the world with superhuman abilities while your real body is safe. When you walk down the street, there are more robot avatars than people. Overpopulation becomes a huge problem in the late 2030s. Teleportation is released to the public in 2039. In 2045, the year I’m from, the convergent of humans and computers is taking place. I promise to you that these events will happen with 100% certainty. I know many of you will not believe me, but I am simply telling you the truth. Do what you want with these facts, but time travel is real and I am a time traveler. Thank you for listening to me.”

What do you think? Is Adam Archon an actual time traveler from the year 2045?

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